Director Of Operations/Artist Relations/Pog Champ

I basically run the show here. I eat a lot, blast music, yell at people, arm wrestle, set double-standards, convert people to listen to Bjork and try to find rare international vinyls. The most important things in the world are Mozart, Beethoven, Bjork, Danny Elfman, all the members of Sigur Ros, iPods, cereal, pogs, records, music and pre-algebra. On a scale of 1-10 I'm pretty much a 9.
Mike Wildt
Production Supervisor

Mike was born on May 2, 1943 inside of a German Jagdpanzer tank during combat on the same day Germany forced Italy into surrender. He shot his first gun at 8 months and said his first word at a mere 13 months. He enjoys long walks on the Great Wall of China and the 5-5-5 deal of pepperoni pizza. Yep.
Creative Development

I have 2 belly buttons. I grew up in a gymnastics school. Both of my second toes are slightly curved. My diet is strictly carnivorous. I have a noose in my office...and a headless mannequin with burnt nipples. Any questions?
Rob Marston
Sr. Web Designer / Twin B

To be quite honest, I'm very talented and very good looking, on nearly every front. I am to the web as Spiderman is, the web - and that is detrimental. I'm a magnate of sorts - a tattoo artist slash musician who, not unlike Neo, sees the world in HTML. A former film student turned graphic artist and freelance web designer stud.
Randy Marston
Art Director / Twin A

I am half tattooed white boy half graphic machine and I eat Photoshop filters for breakfast. Design is my middle name, for real. Im also the older half of a twin sandwich and a former art school sucker. When Im not drumming on my desk, competing for a piece of the crag, or rolling around in the back of the Level2 van, I enjoy a good cry. To end on a serious note, raccoon suits should not make Mario fly.

Sarah Bennett
Artist Relations/Marketing/Phone Ninja

Sarah cant be put into a nutshell because, although she may be an odd duck, she is not a nut. She is a Los Angeles native that enjoys living vicariously through her elementary school years. She has selflessly put her professional Dance Dance Revolution career on hiatus to dedicate her life to getting amazing bands in here and making sure that everyone knows and loves NewBandTV.

Jeff Pace
Sound Engineer / Ralph Macchio

My name is Jeff Pace and I play Fly in the movie "Help! I'm a Fish." The greatest foreign cartoon film EVER MADE! It's pretty sweet being an international celebrity, because people recognize you left and right. Whenever I travel to Europe, I'm greeted by thousands of screaming girls. But now, Im the sound engineer at newbandtv.
Mike Longenbach
Chief Editor / Runner-up Pog Champ

Hey guys! ;-) My name is Mike and im a chief editor! LOL! BRB! LMAO! <@:-). My favorite bands are...Where the Hell is Zac's Chin? ROFLMAO! and of course the group Zeneth Bohemeth! He He! And who can forget the best of them all, Models...Models. Serious LOLZ! Oh crap, gotta go! POS (parent over shoulder) LMAO! 8-)!

Zac Hargrave
Chief Editor / Governor Schwarzenegger

It was the Summer of 87, but a strange Winteresque coolness hung in the air. Chomping on a churro, I suddenly realized my face felt as if it had collapsed upon itself. My fear drenched hand slowly reached for my chin but came up empty. As of today I have not had any further contact with my chin and expect that I never will.
Corey Blake
Production Assistant

Bio Coming Soon!
Sara Claypool

Bio Coming Soon!
Luis Labrada
Chief Technology Officer

I may be the oldest one on the NewBandTV ship, but they love me 'cause I can write code like nobody's business. I was born in Uruguay and my
entire life has been about music and computers. I lived in Miami for a
while, but I was bored driving around sports cars that I bought with cash. So I decided to move to California! I am so awesome in fact that I didn't even write my own bio, and please, don't call me "Uncle Luis." It makes me very angry.

Vince Pileggi
Business Promotions

I am a Orange County Native, people call me Honest Vinnie and I love watching Music Videos. Hire me!
Artist Relations Assistant / Token Asian

Bio Coming Soon!