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Coincidentally, it was the philosopher Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” From the Garden State, Socratic realized the foul wind blown by shouting the loudest might sail them to shores where robot radio-execs might be inclined to include them in the simple plan to keep the clones coming, but it would never sit well in their souls. On their full-length debut, Lunch For The Sky and their subsequent EP Just Turn, Socratic’s music always weaves and wanders past the expected. Tom and Kevin started the group nearly ten years ago, and each member has come aboard quite organically adding a new element to the unique Socratic sound. They were, they admit, stuck aping their contemporaries back in the day, but they’ve grown, their fingers longing to do new and interesting things, and each new addition has helped them veer toward a road less traveled. They walk and rock with the sure steps befitting a band that writes together and believes in earnest that this group they have is equally responsible for each song. If one person doesn’t add a whole lot of input to a particular song, the guys in Socratic understand that may well be because the next song is stirring in his head. Anyone starts a song, but everyone finishes it. And you hear this togetherness. You feel this pushing at your back that comes from their urgency: from lyrics and music that found it’s way out after life had been examined, hard. Lyrically, Socratic have a way with words that is more unbridled and honest than their contemporaries. There is no mistaking where the band is coming from with unique and slightly biting lyrics such as “Every little name in your cell phone list, now it don’t mean shit, no matter what brand car you drive, it will all be melted metal, and us, like the world, will turn.” The piano doesn’t lead the tunes, but Vinny D’Amico plays with a piercing presence on each track. Self-taught, and a huge fan of classic rock, D’Amico lends grace and sweetness to songs mellow or intense, while the rest of the band serves tunes that quiver in sweet calm or zip and invigorate. Socratic recorded Lunch For The Sky with producer John Goodmanson (Hot Hot Heat, Sleater Kinney, The Blood Brothers) at Longview Farms Studio in rural Western Massachusetts. The band enjoyed acres of pastoral beauty and they had serenity to assist their art, peace to compliment their passion, and a proper setting to finish their examination. Since the 2005 release of Lunch For The Sky, Socratic toured with bands like The Forecast, Hellogoodbye, All American Rejects, Houston Calls and The High Court, and spent many hours writing new music. In December 2006, Socratic recorded and produced the EP Just Turn with the help of Tourmaline vocalist/guitarist, Matt Rauch. Just Turn was released as a free download available at To date, Just Turn has been downloaded more than 30K times. Described as “Jimmy Eat World overdosed on Meatloaf,” Socratic are preparing to record their second full-length out in late 2007. The one and only Mark Hoppus of +44 and Blink182 is producing the record.

Band Members

Duane Okun(Guitar/Vocals) Kevin Bryan(Guitar/Vocals) Vinny D 'Amico(Piano/Vocals) Tom Stratton(Drums) Lou Panico(Bass)


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Upcoming Shows

2/9/08 Ashbury park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes 2/23/08 Brisbane, AU @ Riverstage & Parkland[Soundwave Festival] 2/24/08 Sydney, AU @ Sydney Park[Soundwave Festival] 2/27/08 Sydney, AU @ The Gaelic Club 2/28/08 Melbourne, AU @ Prince of Whales 2/29/08 Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Showgrounds[Soundwave Festival] 3/1/08 Adelaide, AU @ Bonython Park [Soundwave Festival] 3/3/08 Perth, AU @ Steel Blue Oval [Soundwave Festival]