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 Hellogoodbye Here (In Your Arms) 4393
 Deepika Fairweathered Friends 2621
 Teitur Louis Louis 2329
 Korn Coming Undone 2210
 Putnam Hall Supernothing 2115
 National Product Sean Song 2032
 Breaking Point All Messed Up 1850
 As Fast As Florida Sunshine 1844
 Big City Rock All The Above 1694
 Hard Fi Cash Machine 1637
 Elseworth He Tried, She Tried 1603
 Cavil At Rest Cavil At Rest 1532
 Paramore Emergency 1437
 Matchbook Romance Monsters 1361
 Atreyu Her Portrait In Black 1346
 Heavens Patent Pending 1342
 Hellogoodbye Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn 1246
 Hawthorne Heights Saying Sorry 1245
 0 No Name 1170
 Calexico Cruel 1121
 Blue October Hate Me 938
 Fire Big Deaf Ears 755
 Underoath Writing On The Walls 631
 Death By Stereo Entombed We Collide 390
 Criteria Prevent The World 233
 Aloud Beaches 214
 A Perfect Murder Body and Blood 202
 A Heartwell Ending It Looks Could Kill 189
 Every Time I Die The New Black 187
 Anberlin Paperthin Hymn 184
 Circa Survive In Fear and Faith 175
 Bayside Devotion & Desire 164
 Ladybug Mecca You Never Get Over It 160
 Amber Pacific Gone So Young 157
 As Cities Burn Bloodsucker Pt II 140
 Falling Up Moonlight 138
 Hawk Nelson The One Thing I Have Left 134
 Placebo Infra Red 132
 Portugal. The Man AKA M80 The Wolf 132
 Amorphis House Of Sleep 125
 The Receiving End Of Sirens Planning A Prison Break 114
 Brandtson Nobody Dances Anymore 112
 Into Eternity Severe Emotional Distress 111
 Ladybug Mecca Dogg Starr 108
 Exodus Now Thy Death Day Come 107
 Motion City Soundtrack Hold Me Down 98
 Meg & Dia Monster 89
 June Patrick 89
 Avenged Sevenfold Unholy 84
 Halifax Sydney 82
 Silverstein Smile In Your Sleep 82
 Sierra Swan Copper Red 82
 Calahan Money To Burn 80
 Groover Coverage Moonlight Shadow 79
 Waking Ashland Hands On Deck 78
 0 Last Call For Sympathy 77
 Cursive Art Is Hard 75
 The Forecast And We All Return To Our Roots 74
 The Sleeping Loud & Clear 73
 Stefy Chelsea 71
 The Loved Ones Jane 70
 Halifax Our Revolution 65
 In Flames My Sweet Shadow 65
 Just Surrender Tell Me Everything 64
 Livitz Livitz Dirty Kelley 64
 Sullivan Down Here, We All Float 64
 Halestorm Takes My Life 63
 Phantom New Escape 62
 Orange Affirmation Song 62
 Action Action The Game 62
 Brodii Split Blue Raincoat 61
 Melee The War 59
 Norma Jean Liarsenic 58
 Jonezetta Get Ready (Hot Machine) 58
 Angel Infinity 58
 Candlemass Black Dwarf 58
 The Haunted The Flood 58
 Allister A Lotto Nerve 57
 Boy Sets Fire Requiem 57
 Panic Division Sweet Devotion 56
 Tokyo Dragons Come On Baby 56
 The Matches Chain Me Free 55
 The Transit War Radar 55
 Scars of Tomorrow Constant Horror 55
 Whole Wheat Bread Old Man Sampson 54
 Mustard Plug You 54
 Agnostic Front All Is Not Forgotten 54
 Centro Matic Triggers & Trash Heaps 54
 Copeland Pin Your Wings 54
 Neurosonic Are Solar 53
 Mercy Fall I Got Life 53
 Greeley Estates Life Is A Garden 52
 Bury Your Dead Magnolia 52
 Arch Enemy Ravenous Live 52
 The Warriors Downbeat 52
 The 88 Nobody Cares 52
 The Junior Varisty Get Comfortable 51
 The Matches Papercut Skin 51
 Irrational This Is A Test 51
 Pony Up The Truth About Cats & Dogs 51
 Plus Minus Steal The Blueprints 50
 Burst Where The Wave Broke 50
 Silverstein Discovering The Water Front 50
 Radio 4 Enemies Like This 49
 The Kooks Naive 49
 Criteria Good Luck 49
 Inkwell Just Take The Monkey & Leave 49
 Hot Chip Over & Over 49
 Houston Calls Exit Emergency 48
 Hidden In Plain View Ashes Ashes 48
 Plastic Parachute Parachute Houdini 48
 Brilliant Red Lights Numb Song 48
 The Exit Back To The Rebels 48
 Vodoo Blue Bobby Know It All 48
 Set Your Goals Mutiny 47
 The Academy Is The Phrase That Pays 46
 Tokyo Dragons Teenage Screamers 46
 Type O Negative Black No.1 46
 Ferona Vei Long and Hard 46
 Death Celebrity We Fall We Fall 46
 Dismember Trail Of The Dead 46
 NOFX Seeing Double At The Triple Rock 46
 Nevertheless The Real 46
 Ministry Lies Lies, Lies, Lies 46
 Irving Jen Nothing Matters To Me 46
 Irrational Revolt 46
 Locksley She Does 46
 Left Alone Every Night 45
 Matt Pond PA So Much Trouble 45
 One Man Army So Grim So True So Real 45
 Dew Scented Turn To Ash 45
 Cuba Swift Backyard Party 45
 Dimmu Borgir Sorgens Kammer Del II 44
 Ginger Sling Faith 44
 Mastodon Seabeast 44
 The Black Heart Procession Not Just Words 44
 Two Ton Boa Cash Machine 43
 Cursive A Disruption In The Normal Swing Of Things 43
 Colorforms Nothing Can Come Between Us 42
 Britt Black Jet Black Heart 42
 Minus The Bear Pachuca Sunrise 42
 Lacuna Coil Closer 42
 Jessica Delfino I Wanna Be Famous 42
 Lucky For Nothing Heroes Die Young 41
 Meshuggah Shed 41
 Starsailor In The Crossfire 41
 The Frames Dream Awake 40
 Strapping Young Lad Wrong Side 40
 Hammerfall Blood Blood 40
 August Burns Red Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins 40
 Reggie & The Full Effec Take Me Home Please 40
 Darkest Hour Convalesence 40
 Fishbone Date Rape 39
 Army of Anyone Goodbye 39
 Mike Park Supposed To Be There Too 39
 Napalm Death When All Is Said and Done 39
 Soilwork Nerve 39
 The Tossers No Loot No Booze No Fun 39
 The Get Quick Lose It All 38
 From First To Last Note To Self 38
 Latest Plague From First To Last 37
 June My Side Of The Story 37
 Radio 4 Packing Things Up On The Scene 37
 The Autumn Revelation 36
 The Early November Hair 36
 The Streets Never Went To Church 36
 The Stills Destroyer 36
 Majestic Twelve Trapped Underwater 36
 Cousin The Girl I Knew 36
 Bloc Party Helicopter 36
 Bright Eyes Easy Lucky Free 36
 Darkane Secondary Effects 35
 Cursive Dorothy At Forty 35
 Manntis Weathered Soul 35
 Morrison Poe Pearl Necklace 35
 Pepper No Control 35
 The Living End Wake Up 35
 Soak The Sin I Said No 35
 Soilent Green Leaves Of Three 35
 Schoolyard Heroes They Live 34
 The End Of Silence Ego Song 34
 The Good Life Lovers Need Lawyers 34
 Time Again The Stories Are true 34
 Nightmare Of You My Name Is Trouble 34
 Katatonia My Twin 34
 Bright Eyes At The Bottom 34
 Azure Ray New Resolution 34
 Deadtring Brothers Sacred Heart 33
 Kutless Shut Me Out 33
 Pennywise Knocked Down 33
 New London Fire Different 33
 West Indian Girl Hollywood 33
 The Confession Jealousy 33
 Spoken Bitter Taste 33
 You Me & Iowa The Good The Bad & The Beautiful 32
 Watashi Wa All Of Me 32
 Vader This Is War 32
 Octavia Lifeliness Of Depths 32
 Baby Dayliner Silent places 32
 Motion City Soundtrack The Future Freaks Me Out 31
 Glideascope Big Big Disgrace 31
 Demon Hunter Undying 31
 Maximo Park Apply Some Pressure 31
 Johnny Lives Get Steady 31
 Ihsahn Invocation 31
 Van Stone Spring Break Forever 31
 These Arms Are Snakes Horse Girl 31
 Special Unit 2 Mixed Up Nothings 31
 Stike Anywhere Instinct 31
 Temper Temper Loaded Life 30
 The Spill Canvas Staplegunned 30
 Tokyo Rose Spectacle 30
 Jared Sagal Say It 30
 Lacuna Coil Enjoy The Silence 30
 Cursive The Recluse 30
 Azure Ray We Are Mice 30
 Dynamite Walls Bright Lights 29
 The Faint Agenda Suicide 29
 Some Girls Warm Milk 29
 Qwiksand Concrete Cowboy 28
 Xiu Xiu Boy Soprano 28
 Circa Survive In Fear And Faith 28
 Hypocrisy Scrutinized 28
 Nural The Curse 28
 Marie Taylor Song Beneath The Song 27
 Motion City Soundtrack Everything Is Alright 27
 Grimfist The Power 27
 Hidden In Plain View Bleed For You 27
 Luke Doucet Free 27
 Dr. Octagon Aliens 27
 Barefoot Bride So Bad 27
 Beth Orton Shopping Trolley 27
 Atmosphere Trying To Find A Balance 27
 Time Again Cold Concrete 27
 Truuf Ser Wiggle Ya Spine 27
 The Streets Dry Your Eyes 27
 Supersystem White Light, White Light 27
 Seether The Gift 26
 Sinai Beach To The Church 26
 Emiliana Torrini Sunnyroad 26
 Mustard Plug Every Girl 26
 Matchbook Romance My Eyes Burn 26
 Marion Raven Heads Will Roll 25
 Mankind Is Obsolete The Rapture 25
 Novillero The Art Of Carrying On 25
 Blacklist The Language Of The Living Dead 25
 The Sirens Shattered Mind 25
 The Contrast Ink 24
 The Faint I Disappear 24
 Blackalicious Your Move 24
 Diecast Fade Away 24
 Placebo Meds 24
 Pop Evil Somebody Like You 24
 Lennon No One Knows 23
 Hit The Lights Bodybag 23
 The Autumn Embrace The Gutter 23
 Satyricon KING 23
 The Vincent Black Shadow Metro 23
 Sage Francis Escape Artists 22
 Long Beach Short Bus California Grace 22
 Paul Dianno The Living Dead 22
 Peeping Tom Mojo 22
 Orenda Fink Bloodline 22
 Collide Like You Want To Believe 22
 Blackalicious Powers 22
 Annie Chewing Gum 22
 Ali Lohan Christmas Magic 21
 Collide Son Of A Preacher Man 21
 Crucified Barbara Losing The Game 21
 Midlake Young Bride 21
 The Illuminati Doing Down 21
 The Race Sinking Feeling 21
 The Phenomenauts Tiny Robots 20
 The Number 12 Looks Like You Like A Cat 20
 Rachel Zamsteen This Gun 20
 Millencolin Shut You out 20
 Lady Soveriegn Random 20
 Kaddisfly New Moon Over Swift Water 20
 Collide Euphoria 20
 Darkest Hour Sound Of Surrender 20
 Downtown Singapore What She Said 20
 Cobra Starship Snakes On A Plane 20
 Brand New Sin Motormeth 20
 Glove Box Superstar 19
 Fatboy Slim That Old Pair Of Jeans 19
 Cute Is What We Aim For There's A Class For This 19
 Casket Salesmen I'll Buy That For A Dollar 19
 Neko Case Maybe Sparrow 19
 Silent Civilian Rebirth Of The Temple 19
 The Detroit Cobras Cha Cha Twist 19
 The Outline Shotgun 19
 Tim Fite Away From The Snakes 19
 The Unseen You Can Never Go Home 18
 Immaculate Machine Broken Ship 18
 Gorefest For The Masses 18
 Bright Eyes First Day Of My Life 17
 Phoenix Consolation Prizes 17
 The Organ Memorize The City 17
 Soak The Sin Hands Up 17
 Single Frame People Are Germs 16
 The Futureheads Skip To The End 16
 Nothing But Heatt As The World Turnz 16
 Hong Kong Six Swim With The Sharks 16
 Ghost Buffalo Hell here 16
 Angel In The Moment 16
 Blow Up Hollywood WMD 16
 Fireball Ministry The Broken 16
 Celtic Frost A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh 16
 Lennon Where Do I Fit In 15
 Origin Portal 15
 Murder By Death Brother 15
 Raised Fist Sound Of The Republic 15
 The North Atlantic Scientist Girl 15
 Nightmare Of You The Days Go By So Slow 14
 Primal Fear Seven Seals 14
 Pigeon John Life Goes On 14
 Collide Wings Of Steel 14
 Against Me From Her Lips 14
 Baldread Jamaica nice 13
 Fields Song For The Fields 13
 Killing Joke Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell 13
 Shadows Fall In Effigy 13
 Shinedown Lady So Devine 13
 Stickman All The Time 13
 The Morning After Run For Our Lives 12
 The Slow Signal Fade TBA 12
 Destruction The Alliance Of The Hellboundz 12
 Collide Razor Sharp 12
 Bif Naked Nothing Else Matters 12
 Blood Of Abraham Calling All Citizens 11
 Gazz Crawl 11
 Kataklysm Crippled & Broken 11
 Kreator Enemy Of God 11
 Needtobreathe Daylight 11
 Ringworm Justice Replaced 11
 The Heavy Blinkers Try Telling That To My Baby 10
 Tamaras Black Days 10
 The Summerlife Rosanna 10
 Zeke Chinatown 10
 Motion Man & KutMaster Kurt One Time For The Mind 10
 LA Symphony Gonna Be Alright 10
 Luke Doucet Broken One 10
 Dr. Octogon Trees 10
 Buzzcocks Wish I Never Loved You 10
 Dangerdoom ATHF 9
 Extra Blue Kind Make Yourself Useless 9
 Extra Blue Kind Pinch, Blink, stay Alive 9
 Beep Beep Executive Foilage 9
 The Stills In The Beginning 9
 The Lovethugs Close Beside Her 9
 Scanners Lowlife 9
 The Phenomenauts Missions 8
 Appogee Epiphany 8
 From First To Last Ride The Wings Of Pestilence 8
 JParis Here We Go Again 8
 Poisonblack Rush 8
 Pigeon John Hello Everybody 7
 Catch 22 Party Song 7
 Bright Eyes Bowl Of Oranges 7
 Tanya Morgan We Be 7
 Atmosphere National Disgrace 5
 Captain Ahab Snakes On The Brain 3
 Disco Biscuits Caterpillar 3
 Love Equals Pray For Me 3
 Rage No Fear 3
 The Organ Love, Love, Love 3
 Motion City Soundtrack Favorite Accident 1
 Motion City Soundtrack The Future Freaks Me Out 0
 Make Believe A Band Room Of One's Own 0
 Nights Like These Scavenger's Daughter 0
 Now It's Overhead Wait In A Line 0
 Parkway Drive Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em 0
 Patent Pending This Can't Happen Again 0
 Luke Doucet It's Not The Liqour I Miss 0
 Mae Someone Else's Arms 0
 Majestic Twelve Livin' On The Beach 0
 LengTch'E Derisive Conscience 0
 Locksley Why Can't I Be With You 0
 Locksley Don't Make Me Wait 0
 Jill Criscuolo I'm Sorry 0
 Johnny Cash Gods Gonna Cut You Down 0
 I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness According To Plan 0
 Horrorpops Where You Can't Follow 0
 Hellogoodbye Here (In Your Arms) 0
 Dropkick Murpheys Warrior's Code 0
 Every Time I Die The New Black 0
 Eddie Spaghetti I Don't Want To Know 0
 Grace Gale I Dont Know How To Put This... 0
 Cobra Starship Snakes On A Plane 0
 Chin Up Chin Up We Should Have Never Lied... 0
 Chiodos Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek 0
 Atreyu Ex's & Oh's 0
 Atreyu Her Portrait In Black 0
 As Cities Burn Bloodsucker Pt II 0
 Anberlin Paperthin Hymn 0
 Against Me Problems 0
 A Static Lullaby Hang 'Em High 0
 Bright Eyes First Day Of My Life 0
 Breezy Nikki Don't 0
 Bobby Bare Jr Let's Rock and Roll 0
 The Living End What's On Your Radio 0
 The Spores Don't Kill Yourself 0
 The Streets Wasn't Famous 0
 Two Gallants Steady Rollin' 0
 Trash Wednesday Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 0
 Umphrey's McGee Women Wine & Song 0
 Reel Big Fish Don't Start A Band 0
 Reggie & The Full Effect Take Me Home Please 0
 Tapes 'N Tapes Cowbell 0
 Supersucker Rock n Roll Records 0
 The Audition You've Made Us Conscious 0
 The Coup Ride The Fence 0
 The Danger O's Dance Dance Revolution Part 2 0
 The Lawrence Arms the Devil's Takin Names 0
 The Kooks Eddie's Gun 0